Why invest in coaching?

Coaching is a very fashionable term which is used by many people to describe often very different ways of working with people. On the Czech Association of Coaches web pages you can familiarize yourself with the basic principles of coaching, as they are generally characterised without regard to the specific approaches involved.

What is it for? What can we expect? Usually more than you would believe. Nevertheless, in order to reach truly meaningful results and a real return on your investment, we have to look at what coaching can really provide.

Coaching is very often seen only as a method of personal development—an effective, demanding and expensive one. However, some approaches, in the hands of experienced coaches, bear much more fruit. They transcend “mere” personal development and are instead a means for essential and permanent changes, measurable improvement in performance and the attainment of our most ambitious business goals. This is the main purpose of coaching, whereby professional and personal development of coachees go hand in hand.


In order to reach our desired results, we have to set and fulfil definite objectives. Left to our own devices, we will with time create stereotypes which often become an obstacle to our progress. Some are able to take inspiration from others, but few are truly capable of maximising their actual potential.

Nowadays, everybody knows that much of our potential is left unused. Monologues with ourselves or conversations with friends or colleagues do not regularly help us meet that potential. We need a person who is specially qualified and has the proper experience – and this is usually a professional coach.

Such a person enables us to step outside the prison cage of our routine thinking and offer wider perspectives that had previously gone unnoticed, discover unexpected synergies and become aware of previously unseen possibilities.

Working with a coach allows us to pursue any goal. This means that, thanks to coaching, we can raise our productivity, be more persuasive with our customers, manage time pressure and stress, work more effectively with our subordinates, enhance our competitive capabilities, and have the courage to change and much more besides.

Coaching brings about both quick results, which are observable in the coachees´ practice from the very first sessions as well as initiating long-term essential changes which improve the quality of the coachees´ lives.

It often takes unbelievably little to reach certain goals, sometimes all that is needed is to shift our point of view about a given situation. Other times, more work is necessary, as we are making changes to our own habits of thinking.

It is easy to see if more people in a company are working with a coach: you can see it not only in performance, but also in the changes in corporate culture, usually leading towards greater accountability and improved initiative.

Coaching is significantly more expensive than training – why? Coaching leads to the meaningful changes in our ways of thinking. It helps where skill and knowledge are not enough. These may be areas where it is necessary to create new perspectives and attitudes, to overcome internal barriers (fear, low self-esteem and other such obstacles), to develop our creativity, to consider new ideas and possibilities about how to do things better and more effectively.

Besides discovering their unused potential, many people need to change their views of themselves and of others, get closer to others, gain confidence, perspective, feel better about themselves, and get the most out of their lives. All this is closely connected to job performance and professional success.

The only way to find out what coaching can bring to you is to experience it first hand—by having a session with a professional coach.

We wish you all the best in your personal and professional development.

Any questions you may have you can send to info@cako.cz