Prices for coaching

It is necessary to have an extensive qualification and long-term experience for the practice of professional coaching. Coaching helps to improve the life of coachees markedly, including their professionalism and efficiency of whole corporations. There are many so called “coaches” on the market, who do not have appropriate qualification and adequate experiences. Naturally, the results of their work match their ability. Therefore we display the outline of common coaching prices on the Czech market:

Coaching prices:
below 3 000 CZK – dubious price, it is probably not the case of professional coaching
about 3 000 - 6 000 CZK – it is a price of a standard professional coach
over 6 000 CZK: very experienced top coach


Criteria of a tender for coaches

1/ Choose specific personalities, not corporations

2/ Prices – professional coaches – 3000 - 8000 CZK (higher position of prices over 4000 CZK)

3) References – people (name of the coachees and their contact data), corporations (from which companies), position (on which positions)

4) Qualification

  • Accreditation – CAC, ICF – or other internationally approved
  • Number of hours – more than 150 hours of business coaching
  • Training – basic level: > 65 hours, experiences:  > 200 hours
  • Experience – several years

5) It is useful to desire the initial session or pilot coaching free of charge, or with a discount, and noncommittally

6) The client should be informed about the field of coaching

  • client should at least differ between Coaching, Mentoring, Therapy, Training and Consultancy
  • optimally have initial training in coaching