Expert membership

The criteria to become a CAC Expert member

The CAC Corporate Council states criteria according to the Articles part III, article 4, paragraph (c), (d), on which basis it assents the acceptance of a CAC Expert member:

1. The purpose of the CAC Expert Membership in CAC
One of the CAC basic missions is the professionalism of the field of coaching. The institution of Expert Membership ensures that the right to vote and be voted into the CAC Corporate Council is assigned to the members with at least basic coaching training and with basic coaching experience.

2. The relationship of the Expert membership and Accreditation of coaches
The Expert Membership is administrative proceeding to assist the CAC inner life. In no way it replaces the Accreditation of coaches (the qualification levels) that guarantees a coach’s proficiency level.

3. The openness of the Expert Membership in CAC
The CAC wants to be open to coaches, who have gained qualification in other organizations. Thus it does not designate the Expert Membership only for coaches accredited in the CAC. The criteria for the Expert Membership are therefore “softer” than the criteria for the lowest CAC qualification level.

4. The CAC Expert Membership accepted by the Corporate Council
Every CAC Regular member, who has gained coaching qualification in an organization accepted by the CAC Corporate Council, becomes the CAC Expert member, by sending an Application for the CAC Expert Membership to the e-mail address, with the copy of their qualification, the date of the application approval and the organization’s record.
Qualifications accepted nowadays by the Corporate Council are
(a) the lowest qualification level according to the CAC Accreditation Code,
(b) the lowest qualification level according to the ICF Accreditation Code
This list will be continuously edited.

5. The Expert Membership in the CAC with the accent of the Corporate Council
Every CAC Regular member can apply for the CAC Expert Membership by sending the Application for the CAC Expert Membership to the e-mail address, including the copies of documents that credibly proves that
(a) during the last three years, has coached or has been a lecturer or a supervisor of coaching, or have worked as a scientific developer or researcher of coaching for at least 200 hours,