About the Association

The CAC strives for the permanent growth in the quality of coaching services, the observation of ethical and professional standards, market cultivation and of professional information exchange.

The mission of CAC is the care of coaching development in the following ways:

  • Promotion of coaching as an effective tool for organisational and personal development
  • Collection of information about providers of coaching services
  • Support for professional education of coaches, mutual supervisions and experience exchange
  • Creation of standards for accreditation of preparation courses and certification of coaches leading to quality growth and market cultivation
  • Promotion of professional ethical standards among its members and in the whole community


We understand coaching as a process of continual support of a client during the setting and achieving of their professional and personal goals. This process leads to permanent growth in our clients´ competencies, while the coach leaves up to the clients themselves the responsibility for setting goals as well as for finding ways to fulfill said goals and reaching the final result.

Coaches are not experts in their clients and their specific needs, but they are professionals in effective work with people - they accompany clients in looking for their own ways, respect their resources and are partners in helping to decide the most effective ways towards an objective.

The final results are attained thanks to the synergistic mutual cooperation of the coach´s professionalism and the client´s activity.