Ria Verlinden, 3.11.2017

Ria Verlinden, 3.11.2017What is needed systemically so that a team can grow? “When I grow, my company grows” – and “When I grow, my clients grow”

Teams are under constant pressure - whether with regard to results, costs, deadlines... All are important - and because of that, support and growth are much needed in the workplace. Some companies give people time and space to grow; their leaders realize that the system will benefit from personal growth. In others, it is the individuals who have to recognize needs that aren’t met by the company’s offers, and be proactive so that they can keep having an impact – both on their personal wellbeing and performance, as well as those of bigger systems. 

Wherever development starts, it always comprises the personal and the work sphere. At the same time, cultural shifts, changes, and innovations have a direct persona component that needs to be addressed individually before it can manifest in teams, departments, and the company as a whole.

To provide the habitat to grow we need these pieces of the puzzle to be in motion:

Safety   -   Courage    -   Contact.

Attending this masterclass asks from you:

A willingness to be present and involved. To lean in. Not only observe but actively contribute and experience what it means to challenge safety, recognize your courage and the courage of others – be willing to invest in contact.

Attending this masterclass will bring you:

A more silent place within yourself to act from, and to thrive. To get to know your tools to tend and support growth in yourself and the team.  You will widen your range of interventions and recognise when to act, or when to stop and wait for movement and growth to happen. 

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